"A House Without a Father"

This film tells the story of Sheron, a single mother struggling to provide for her two daughters, Aaliyah and Morgan.

Sheron works multiple jobs to make ends meet. Still, her family lives paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by despite her best efforts. She faces overwhelming financial hardships, including the looming threat of losing their home. To offset the burden, Sheron must make difficult decisions to prioritize her family's needs. As her girls get older, they start to feel the absence of their father more deeply. Aaliyah becomes rebellious and resentful, testing the limits of Sheron's patience and faith. Meanwhile, Morgan becomes withdrawn and quiet as she tries to cope with the gaping void created in the wake of her father's abandonment. The beleaguered mom, already at her wit's end, tries to connect with her daughters. Still, their hardships make it difficult to build a strong relationship.

Life becomes an explosive cycle of unexpected twists and turns, leaving the embattled family emotionally battered.

Finally, a twist of fate brings a glimmer of hope. However, just when Sheron begins to bask in the promise of the major breakthrough, she is leveled once again by a challenge that could ultimately tear them apart for good.

"A House Without a Father" will take moviegoers on an adrenaline-charged emotional journey layered with tragedy, grief, love, and family turmoil set against the backdrop of urban America. The dramatic tale is poignantly framed by the heartwarming story about the strength and resilience of a single mother and her daughters as they fight a relentless barrage of adversity they may not survive.

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